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We work with parents to make the best decisions about their children's elementary education. Using our backgrounds as teachers and researchers, we help parents deeply understand their children as learners, empowering them to seek and build the right opportunities for their learner. From interpreting report cards to discussing at-home resources, we are here to take the guesswork out of elementary education!


We find and provide outside resources for parents to use as supplements to the learning taking place in their child's classroom. From finding the best on and offline resources adapted for your individual student, to building personalized projects based on their passion and natural curiosities, we are here to make learning at home fun and manageable!


We connect families with tutors that are able to work towards each individual student’s achievement goals. We know that finding the right tutor for your child is stressful - what should the academic focus be? What are the necessary qualifications? As former teachers and tutors, we assess your student’s individual needs and connect you with a qualified tutor whose skills and expertise are aligned with your student’s goals.

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