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How to Integrate Mindfulness into Your Child's Routine

Mindfulness has been known to help regulate children's emotions and bring awareness and stability to their surroundings.

During this stressful time, children have had to make dramatic changes to their academic and social routines resulting in a range of emotions. Mindfulness can offer stability and guidance for your child with simple tools that can help manage these emotions. It promotes happiness, while relieving stress and focusing attention on the present.

In order for mindfulness to become a successful practice, setting an example through modeling is essential. Parents can engage with their child by actively participating in mindfulness activities themselves, showing them the effectiveness of the practice firsthand.

Follow these simple steps to bring mindfulness into your home and your child’s routine.

  1. Name feelings and emotions

  2. Practice gratitude, reflecting on what you are thankful for and then creating an open share environment with your child.

  3. Practice is key to making mindfulness a part of your routine.

  4. Use mindfulness as a tool to explore different methods of relaxation through movement like yoga.

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