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5 Tips to Kickstart the Virtual School Year

Updated: Sep 27, 2020

1. Setting up learning space in your home

Creating designated space for your child to complete school work is an important way to establish good working habits from the beginning of the year. Keeping all of their materials and resources in the same place in your home can be a great way to start!

2. Creating a routine time during the day for learning

Coming up with a schedule together can be a great way to involve your child in their own daily learning but will also provide necessary structure to their school day. It will give everyone in the family an opportunity to get into a daily routine.

3. Brain Breaks during the day

It can be challenging to remain focused for extended periods of time, especially with the distractions of being home with family members. Allowing time for brain breaks or relaxation can result in more focused learning time.

4. Sharing about your day during family time

Creating designated time to listen and share about the day with family can be a great way to connect and learn about how your child has been managing in their new learning environment.

5. Prepare yourself and your child to use technology

When speaking to parents whose children are e-learning this year we often hear them talk about the struggle with using the classroom portals and keeping track of student assignments. One way to build confidence in your student in the beginning of the school year is to go through the different e-learning portals together before school starts. Both parents and students will feel more confident in their abilities to navigate their online learning environment.

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