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Making Connections Outside of the Classroom

We are national education consultants serving families with elementary school aged students across the country. Based in both the Chicagoland area and Bay Area we have seen families across the country seeking direction in this new time of e-learning. We are here to provide families with the support and guidance that they need through consulting, tutoring service referral as well as personalized resources.

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Meet our consultants - Emily Newman and Anne Huntington! After co-teaching fifth grade together in Chicago, we continued our teaching journeys in different parts of the country. We were brought back together recognizing a need for family support when it came to classroom learning. We have seen this need grow especially during the uncertain times of COVID and are thrilled to be a support system for both students and parents across the country.

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We work with parents to make the best decisions about their children's elementary education. Using our backgrounds as teachers and researchers, we help parents deeply understand their children as learners, empowering them to seek and build the right opportunities for their child. From interpreting report cards to discussing at-home resources to choosing the best school and learning environments, we are here to take the guess work out of elementary education!


We find and provide outside resources for parents to use as supplements to the learning taking place in their child's classroom. From finding the best on and offline resources adapted for your individual student, to building personalized projects based on their passion and natural curiosities, we are here to make learning at home fun and manageable!


We connect families with tutors that are able to work towards each individual student’s achievement goals. We know that finding the right tutor for your child is stressful. What should the academic focus be? What are the necessary qualifications? As former teachers and tutors, we assess your student’s individual needs and connect you with a qualified tutor whose skills and expertise are aligned with your student’s goals.

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At Beyond the Classroom Consultants, we know what exceptional customer services means, and we go the extra mile to make sure students reach their academic and personal goals. We've guided families through difficult decisions and transitions, and we are so proud to see them on the path toward success. Read our stories and see how we can help your student today.

A father of a kindergarten student with social emotional needs reached out to us at the start of the remote school year in the fall of 2020. Discussing his student's specific needs, we made recommendations on the type of at-home school set-up to ensure success and coached them in the types of questions and services to ask for from school teachers and administrators. The child and parent felt ready and confident in starting the new school year!

It became clear that a fifth grade student had considerable needs beyond her dyslexia diagnosis. Working with the parents, we empowered them to use both in-school and out of school resources to fully evaluate their daughter’s learning needs. Once they had a clear vision of their student, we developed a plan for success, bringing together school administrators, outside evaluators, and parents to make sure everyone knew the path forward. She is now a successful high school student continually using strategies she learned and practiced in fifth grade!

Expecting parents contacted us as they were nearing their due date to discuss daycare options near their Chicago home. After listening to their needs, we set up walk-throughs of the area daycare centers and went with them to check out each center, making sure to ask specific questions about the academic and learning design in each center. The parents were able to make a completely informed decision and have had their child in the center of their choice for 3 happy years!

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Reach out for a complimentary 30 minute consultation to see how we can best serve you and your child

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